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Google Ads Management

PPC which refers to Pay Per Click is a part of the online management or commonly refers to Digital Marketing. It is charged to the advertiser a fee for every click a customer makes on the search result.

Search Engine Marketing is the most common term used for PPC which allows the advertisers to bid an amount for placement.

Google AdWords is the most popular PPC advertising system. The AdWords platform by itself makes business to create ads and make them appear on the list of Google Search Engine. More specifically a company which bids in terms of accuracy and a higher pay bid is made to rank the top page of Google. Therefore, PPC Campaign Management also refers to auction in which company has to pay a higher amount for a specific competitive keyword. You are looking are the best PPC Expert in IndiaforPay Per Click Management, I am providing following the accurate and precise strategies. Get a freePPC Consultation in practical exposure on the following platforms: -

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A basic overview of what the particular campaign deals with. An account can have various different campaigns.

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Ad Groups

Ad groups are the second level which consists of topics related to the campaign being created.

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Keywords refer to the targeting word phrases of the companies, services or products.

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Ad Texts

Title and Description are the most important part of running a successful campaign. PPC Consultant research upon the best CTA – Call to Action to get the highest CTR.

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Landing Pages

A user when clicks on the particular ad gets redirected to an enquiry page. Create the most stunning and responsive website landing page that fetches the highest conversion of my clients.

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Link Building

One of the most challenging platforms for every small or medium range business is identifying the areas of improvements and constant opportunities. As aPPC Consultant, Imake sure that my clients are satisfied with the volume density and competition.